for health and beauty

An evenly tanned skin with a peachy tinge is one of the symbols of beauty and health. Our tanning station at Wellness Hotel Diamant offers the most modern parameters and highest quality of service, and meets even the strictest safety norms. We will be happy to provide advice regarding the frequency and length of tanning depending on your skin phototype, and at the same time we can recommend high-quality special tanning cosmetics intended exclusively for use in tanning stations.

Pleasant music, optional vibrations and a cooling system will further augment the pleasing experience in the tanning station.


  • an evenly tanned, golden skin
  • a health, vital appearance of the skin
  • stimulation for the creation of the vitally important vitamin D3 and calcium
  • alleviation of skin problems – acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • alleviation of problems associated with rheumatism
  • a positive mood – the tanning rays stimulate the creation of endorphins
  • relaxation and a calming experience