for your undisturbed relaxation

The sauna is a time-tested method for regenerating the organism which has been used for centuries. High temperatures will expand your pores, facilitating the extrusion of most harmful substances. There are plenty of variants to choose from, each with its own unique effects: a Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, Roman sauna and infra-red sauna.

To ensure that the sauna is always a truly calming experience, entry into the sauna world is not allowed for children aged less than 15.


  • The Finnish sauna regenerates the body using high temperatures (80°C – 100°C) followed by cooling. This leads to intensive perfusion of the skin and muscles. Pores expand and harmful substances are secreted from the body. The Finnish sauna also positively stimulates the circulatory system and heart activity.


  • The aroma sauna is an ideal combination of the principle of Finnish sauna, i.e., high temperatures in conjunction with high air humidity, and the effects of aromatic essences. The aroma sauna has positive effects on the perfusion of the skin and muscles. It regenerates the tissue of the respiratory system and is also very efficient at soothing the mind.


  • The Roman steam bath in Hotel Diamant can be characterized as a conjunction of the wisdom of old Romans and the most modern contemporary equipment. This bath is based on steam and high air humidity (up to 100%). The Roman steam bath helps perfusion and moisten the skin and is especially good for the respiratory system.


  • The infra-red sauna is a special cabin equipped with patented infra-red heaters which produce infra-red radiation. The radiation is transmitted through the air and transforms to heat energy when it hits our bodies. This results in quick and in-depth heating of the organism, with a positive impact on the perfusion of the skin and relaxation of muscles. This radiation can penetrate up to a depth of 4 – 5 cm under the skin, hence providing pleasant heat not only for the surface but also underneath it. The radiation then safely leaves the body. The air in the infra sauna is relatively cool (about 30 – 50 °C), helping your body heat up to a higher temperature.