In the salt cave

The air in the salt cave is ten times cleaner than the air outside. The whole salt cave therapy is based on the effects of a large amount of sodium chloride (salt), which has an antibacterial and anti-allergenic effect.


Salt cave therapy not only regenerates the respiratory system, but also leads to the natural inhalation of trace elements such as calcium (improving immunity and reinforcing bones), magnesium (significantly helps against spasms and prevents cardiovascular problems), iron (prevents and treats anemia) and iodine (an important element needed by the thyroid gland).


Make use of all the positive effects offered by the microclimate in the salt cave. The air is rich in important trace elements, and negative ionization together with the biological purity of the air has many beneficial effects on the health. These are furthermore multiplied by a perfectly calm, pleasant interior with comfortable deck chairs.


  • stress, feeling tired and neurosis
  • illnesses of the upper and lower airways
  • asthma, chronic bronchitis
  • cardiovascular diseases and problems (including high pressure and post-stroke states)
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland
  • dermatological illnesses – psoriasis, allergies
  • dysfunction of the nervous vegetative system