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Visit Aquamarine Wellness & a spa center, spanning an area of over 1,500 m2.

Each hotel guest has free unlimited access to the Aquamarine Wellness center, where they can enjoy many forms of relaxation as well as active regeneration. For even more comfort, each guest will find a bathrobe for entering the wellness center in their room, and towel as well as sheeting service is available at the hotel reception.

Relaxation swimming pool with atypical design

Visit the relaxation pool, whose atypical design and water temperature will provide a unique experience and unforgettable moments of relaxation.

9:30 — 21:30
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  • relaxation pool with an area of 99 m2 and a water temperature of 28 °C, depth ranging between 1.0 and 1.5 m
  • whirlpool with a water temperature of 37°C
  • relaxation zone with deck-chairs
  • private zone with whirlpool and sauna

Relax in the whirlpool

Relax in a whirlpool located right next to the swimming pool – it helps relieve stress, stimulates blood flow in muscles and skin and has a positive effect on the regeneration of the locomotor system. The top-notch experience can perhaps only be improved by the drinks served directly at the bar.

9:30 — 21:30
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Water temperature

  • in the whirlpool: 37 °C

Sauna world for your undisturbed relaxation

The sauna is a time-tested method for regenerating the organism which has been used for centuries. High temperatures will expand your pores, facilitating the extrusion of most harmful substances. There are plenty of variants to choose from, each with its own unique effects: a Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, Roman sauna and infra-red sauna.

To ensure that the sauna is always a truly calming experience, entry into the sauna world is not allowed for children aged less than 15.

9:30 — 21:30
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Operating hours Monday - Friday

  • Finnish sauna: 9:30 - 21:30 hrs.
  • Roman steam bath: 9:30 - 21:30 hrs.
  • Aroma sauna: 15:00 - 21:30 hrs.
  • Infrared sauna: 9:30 - 21:30 hrs.


Operating hours Sat - Sun

  • The entire sauna world 9:30 - 21:30 hrs.


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna regenerates the body using high temperatures (80°C – 100°C) followed by cooling. This leads to intensive perfusion of the skin and muscles. Pores expand and harmful substances are secreted from the body. The Finnish sauna also positively stimulates the circulatory system and heart activity.


Aroma sauna

The aroma sauna is an ideal combination of the principle of Finnish sauna, i.e., high temperatures in conjunction with high air humidity, and the effects of aromatic essences. The aroma sauna has positive effects on the perfusion of the skin and muscles. It regenerates the tissue of the respiratory system and is also very efficient at soothing the mind.


Roman steam bath

The Roman steam bath in Hotel Diamant can be characterized as a conjunction of the wisdom of old Romans and the most modern contemporary equipment. This bath is based on steam and high air humidity (up to 100%). The Roman steam bath helps perfusion and moisten the skin and is especially good for the respiratory system.


Infra-red sauna

The infra-red sauna is a special cabin equipped with patented infra-red heaters which produce infra-red radiation. The radiation is transmitted through the air and transforms to heat energy when it hits our bodies. This results in quick and in-depth heating of the organism, with a positive impact on the perfusion of the skin and relaxation of muscles. This radiation can penetrate up to a depth of 4 – 5 cm under the skin, hence providing pleasant heat not only for the surface but also underneath it. The radiation then safely leaves the body. The air in the infra sauna is relatively cool (about 30 – 50 °C), helping your body heat up to a higher temperature.

Kneipp spa - when the water heals...

Kneipp spa – a water-treatment procedure which combines alternation between hot and cold water with mechanic stimulation of nervous points on the feet to achieve positive effects. Walking in pools with hot and cold water containing pebbles on the bottom, improves the blood flow in your legs and your metabolism in general.

9:30 — 21:30
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  • cold legs syndrome
  • stimulation of blood circulation
  • headaches
  • hardening against cold weather
  • prevention of so-called flat feet

Calm and privacy in a private zone for two

Do you want to relax in undisturbed privacy? Our private zone for two is here exactly for you. It offers a comfortable interior, convenient deck chairs, a private sauna and whirlpool. The services of our restaurant are also available to fulfil your wishes.

Experience unique moments of relaxation in a calm and discrete environment.

10:00 — 21:30
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  • Finnish sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Comfortable deck chairs
  • Shower and WC
  • LCD TV

Take a deep breath In the salt cave

The air in the salt cave is ten times cleaner than the air outside. The whole salt cave therapy is based on the effects of a large amount of sodium chloride (salt), which has an antibacterial and anti-allergenic effect.

Salt cave therapy not only regenerates the respiratory system, but also leads to the natural inhalation of trace elements such as calcium (improving immunity and reinforcing bones), magnesium (significantly helps against spasms and prevents cardiovascular problems), iron (prevents and treats anemia) and iodine (an important element needed by the thyroid gland).

Make use of all the positive effects offered by the microclimate in the salt cave. The air is rich in important trace elements, and negative ionization together with the biological purity of the air has many beneficial effects on the health. These are furthermore multiplied by a perfectly calm, pleasant interior with comfortable deck chairs.

8:00 — 21:30
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  • stress, feeling tired and neurosis
  • illnesses of the upper and lower airways
  • asthma, chronic bronchitis
  • cardiovascular diseases and problems (including high pressure and post-stroke states)
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland
  • dermatological illnesses – psoriasis, allergies
  • dysfunction of the nervous vegetative system

Stay in shape

Are you active and do you like sports? Our fitness center is an ideal place to strengthen and improve your physical fitness and health. The fitness center is excellently equipped and contains everything you would expect in an above-standard fitness facility.

8:00 — 20:00
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What does our fitness center offer?

  • modern bodybuilding machines – STAR TRAC
  • a specialized Cardio zone
  • spinning, circuit training
  • an always clean and comfortable environment
  • self-service zone with drinks for exercise free of charge

Tanning station for health and beauty

An evenly tanned skin with a peachy tinge is one of the symbols of beauty and health. Our tanning station at Wellness Hotel Diamant offers the most modern parameters and highest quality of service, and meets even the strictest safety norms. We will be happy to provide advice regarding the frequency and length of tanning depending on your skin phototype, and at the same time we can recommend high-quality special tanning cosmetics intended exclusively for use in tanning stations.

Pleasant music, optional vibrations and a cooling system will further augment the pleasing experience in the tanning station.

8:00 — 21:30
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Our tanning station offers

  • an evenly tanned, golden skin
  • a health, vital appearance of the skin
  • stimulation for the creation of the vitally important vitamin D3 and calcium
  • alleviation of skin problems – acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • alleviation of problems associated with rheumatism
  • a positive mood – the tanning rays stimulate the creation of endorphins
  • relaxation and a calming experience

Daylong wellness entry (working days Mon - Thu)

1 person

The price includes an entry to the wellness center, with free access to the pool, whirlpool, 3 saunas, Kneipp bath, steam shower, salt cave and air-conditioned fitness center.

Children up to 15 years of age can only enter Mon – Thu for CZK 350.

790 CZK Time: daylong

Private zone for two (working days Mon - Thu)

2 persons

Private zone for two - private whirlpool and sauna for undisturbed relaxation.

The price also includes a daylong entry to the wellness center, with free access to the pool, whirlpool, 3 saunas, Kneipp bath, steam shower, salt cave and air-conditioned fitness center.

2.200 CZK Time: 2 hours + daylong entry

TRY IT - club membership

1 person

Do you want to try out club membership and enjoy unlimited access to Aquamarine Wellness Center services for 1 month as well as other advantages, such as discounts for massages or drinks not only in the restaurant? Try out the "TRY IT" monthly membership.

Please contact us if you are interested in an even more advantageous annual membership (either for one person or a group). We will be happy to arrange a personal meeting.

3.800 CZK Time: 1 month

Tanning station

1 person

We will also provide consultations regarding the best tanning frequency depending on your skin phototype and recommend high-quality tanning cosmetic solutions, intended exclusively for use in a tanning station.

40 CZK / chip Time: 2 min.

Beauty flair collagen

1 person

The soft red light with an exact wavelength activates the regeneration of collagen in the skin and activates rejuvenating processes.

100 CZK / chip Time: 10 min.
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